Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Here

Hi Everyone! I am still here and maintaining. Life has gotten very busy and hectic it seems these last three months.

My schedule took on nightmarish proportions and it wore me down. Getting back to speed after surgery has taken more out of me than I thought it would. Of course I will not allow myself to use that as an excuse for my poor habits and choices. My mother's health has taken a down swing (although her being on dialysis was enough) and I have been very worried about her. I am no where ready to go down the road we have coming.

Excercise wise I have NOT been good - had to suspend the gym till Jan '11 and I really am missing it, yet know, just know, that getting back into the routine during the winter is gonna be SO HARD.

Somehow I have been able to handle the food choices, which does give me hope that I have made lasting changes in the mental part on food.

It's late and I am tired...MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and enjoy your family during this holiday - they mean the most!