Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ah don't you just love this time of year... itchy watery eyes, stuffed nose, headache, breathing issues....etc..... NOT

As if I don't have enough in my life ALLERGIES have attacked.

Reading blogs today and thinking of where I am at. Honestly getting thinner is a bonus, I really just want to eat better and be healthier. But I continue to make bad choices and even as I am eating the crap I feel guilty. Not that I have not gone out and binged or ate a gallon of ice cream. But bad choices are bad choices no matter how "little the calorie/fat count". I know better. Pre-planning meals should be a no brainer but it takes energy I don't have at the moment. It works to do that and I am satisfied with the meal, but making it the night before or the weekend before the work week starts is just a road block in my brain.

Exercise - like doing it and when I get in the groove by going three days a week I crave it. Let me miss one of those days (for really good reason) and getting back on track takes monumental effort on my part. WTH!! I know it is good for me and I like it. My routine needs to be ramped up too.

Now those are my roadblocks - how to get over them is my mission.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Again! Still don't want to be THIN.

Actually I never left, just took a break. Blogging is therapeutic for sure but it also takes a lot of your time.

Just redid my calculations on my weight loss, going back a year and half from my highest weight I have actually lost 50 pounds! That is amazing to me as some of it was without me even trying hard. Just little changes have gotten me here, BUT now I think I am at a point where I have to step up and be more stern with myself. Making deals that I know I am not going to honor is not acceptable.

Stress is really one of those things that will make you eat and yes lately I have let it get out of hand. Back to making better choices for me. Would a stricter diet work faster/ better - HELL yes, but do I have the willpower again oh hell to the no.

I still stand by my last post wanting to be thin is not my priority now. Being healthy is - too many risk factors here for heart disease (especially in my family). Workouts are back on track and once I have gotten up to speed I need to see about upping those from three to five a week.

Watching and reading others doing this dance are an inspiration and some make me scratch my head and say what????? Although I am sure some of you out there are saying the same (head scratch that is) about me!