Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just Thoughts

Read a lot of excuses on the weight loss sites, make quite a few of my own. Very rarely do any of us own up to the error of our ways.

Some of us start these blogs with such good intentions and then just fade away? I am what you call the occasional blogger, doesn't mean I don't read others every day - I just don't contribute or comment. Maybe that's bad of me. I am finding on this journey that it is not only about weight loss and getting healthier but realizing who you are as a person inside. It has come to me that I can only do so much but can do nothing without the person inside me giving it everything I've got, not so much as resisting food or exercising but determination to succeed.

Acknowledgement is great and food for the soul, but not if you are contributing to my self delusion that there was nothing I could have done. "My body was telling me I needed that fattening meal or snack". No I didn't. Finding someone to commiserate just a little and kicking my butt back into line would be much more helpful.

Blogging is great - it is how you have a conversation with yourself that you would not normally do and not needing to have a response back.

Boy was this a random post or what, but it was on my mind. Glad I talked with myself.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Ah don't you just love this time of year... itchy watery eyes, stuffed nose, headache, breathing issues....etc..... NOT

As if I don't have enough in my life ALLERGIES have attacked.

Reading blogs today and thinking of where I am at. Honestly getting thinner is a bonus, I really just want to eat better and be healthier. But I continue to make bad choices and even as I am eating the crap I feel guilty. Not that I have not gone out and binged or ate a gallon of ice cream. But bad choices are bad choices no matter how "little the calorie/fat count". I know better. Pre-planning meals should be a no brainer but it takes energy I don't have at the moment. It works to do that and I am satisfied with the meal, but making it the night before or the weekend before the work week starts is just a road block in my brain.

Exercise - like doing it and when I get in the groove by going three days a week I crave it. Let me miss one of those days (for really good reason) and getting back on track takes monumental effort on my part. WTH!! I know it is good for me and I like it. My routine needs to be ramped up too.

Now those are my roadblocks - how to get over them is my mission.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hello Again! Still don't want to be THIN.

Actually I never left, just took a break. Blogging is therapeutic for sure but it also takes a lot of your time.

Just redid my calculations on my weight loss, going back a year and half from my highest weight I have actually lost 50 pounds! That is amazing to me as some of it was without me even trying hard. Just little changes have gotten me here, BUT now I think I am at a point where I have to step up and be more stern with myself. Making deals that I know I am not going to honor is not acceptable.

Stress is really one of those things that will make you eat and yes lately I have let it get out of hand. Back to making better choices for me. Would a stricter diet work faster/ better - HELL yes, but do I have the willpower again oh hell to the no.

I still stand by my last post wanting to be thin is not my priority now. Being healthy is - too many risk factors here for heart disease (especially in my family). Workouts are back on track and once I have gotten up to speed I need to see about upping those from three to five a week.

Watching and reading others doing this dance are an inspiration and some make me scratch my head and say what????? Although I am sure some of you out there are saying the same (head scratch that is) about me!