Monday, September 27, 2010

??Day -

Ok I am not good at posing it seems - as much as I want to share and make myself accountable, sitting down to write is hard.

Lately I have been rather busy which is a good thing, keeps me from putting food in my mouth and bad thoughts out of my head. Those just derail me. Getting ready for my GB surgery in two weeks, got some good books to read and the TV set just right so I can watch in bed. Banana popcicles in the freezer. My sister on the ready to be at my beck and call - hey I have to milk this for all it's worth! At least for a day or two!! Seriously once the Dr gives the ok I will get back to the workouts. Figure he will allow me to walk the track soon after and then maybe a few weeks out I can start back with the weights.

Today is such a dreary day, but I love the fall feel to it. The only thing better would have been to be home cozy in my chair with a good book.

My Vols won their game this weekend and I really don't know how, but I'll take it! We may get a rear ends handed to us next weekend with LSU!

Later bloggerland and thanks!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Food for Thought

"We follow our most dominant watch what you are thinking"

I saw this on the weekend and it gave me pause. How often have my thoughts been about the negative, how heavy I am and that I am not worth it. Don't have any will power so there is no way I can lose the weight that I need to. Our thoughts do have the power to make us weak or stronger. It's your choice - so as we are all trying to make "better choices" let this be one as well! THAT WE ARE WORTH IT AND CAN DO IT.

It's not rocket science and I can choose to eat the more healthy food and stay away from the high sugar and fat products.

My beloved Vols lost this weekend but they did fight the good fight so I have no complaints. Have a good Monday everyone and remember to watch what you are thinking!


Saturday, September 18, 2010


Very late nite last night so I slept way longer than I should have today. Now I just feel groggy. Food choices ok, not eating much and feel yucky. Rough way to lose weight but I think I will take it.

Reading some of the other blogs and everyone is out there working hard and it shows!! Good work people. Not sure if we all would have had the insight/will to do this work when we were in our twenties, but it sure woulda been easier!

It's a beautiful warm day outside and I think I will go partake of it! Have a good Saturday!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

OK when you have nothing to say don't say it,so I didn't. That's why no posting.

Weighed this morning - good news - a 2lbs loss!!!

Yes it makes me happy, but with my surgery coming up I know I will be out of the gym for a month or two and limited as to what I can do. Sitting around makes me nervous. I have done so well on getting into the work out routine I hate to interrupt it. Any suggestions ? The eating I am not really worried about. I think I can handle that by reading and working on my computer plus sleeping (will need that) so that I don't eat out of boredom.

Today has started out really good - a double rainbow outside my window! And I guess it's time to get back to it, Have a good day everyone!


Friday, September 10, 2010

What is It?

What is it about a nice fitting shirt or pair of jeans that just feels sooo nice? And why don't we remember that when stuffing our faces?

Today I got ready for work and it is casual friday and a football weekend. So of course I pull out my Tennessee Volunteers shirt and a good pair of jeans. Now the jeans I discovered a couple of weeks ago actually fit again. Today I put my shirt on and it's one I wore last year, but as I headed out the door I noticed how loose and comfortable that shirt was. Before when I would wear it it was tight around my chest and the sleeves were "fitting" not tight.

All day as I walked around, it brought a smile to my face to actually feel good in the outfit. A feeling that I had lost and hope to God that I can bring to the front when I am tempted to eat over my calories or not go to the gym at 5:30 in the morning, because I tell you people I am so totally tired of not feeling good. Not good about the way I feel, look and eat.

Not much else of consequence went on today, so now I will focus on my weekend and hopefully do a good job. Well I know I will cause I'll be wearing my jeans and that should make me put the food down - step away - whatever it takes!!!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Returning to the not so routine. Working out is quasi new to me and sure never thought I would actually enjoy it! However, with that said I can still be led astray on sticking to a set schedule. Rainy morning, sinus' acting up (not breathing easy is a real good EXCUSE)I'm still sleepy. Any of that sound familiar?

So this morning, head hurting and stuffy I allowed myself to stay home in the bed for an extra hour. Now the guilt has set in. This I will welcome as it will keep me from doing this again to myself. Tonight in the heat I will go walking at the park. Not as good a workout but I will be moving and not sitting on the couch.

My weigh in is Friday and I hoping to inch past this 221 number I cannot seem to move past. I have upped my calories, lowered my calories and moved more (with the exception of this morning) and it still has not budged. Although thank goodness it has not gone up.

Football season is here!!! YEAH! My Tennessee Vols won their first game! Now next week we get to see how they play with the big boys.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This weekend I was reading my daily inspirations (your blogs) and noticed that some have what day and week they are on for this journey. Now why did I not do that? It made me think about it (ok no jokes about smelling my brain burn!!). My conclusion - it scares me. If I put a number on what day I'm on will I ever get where I am goin? What if I get there and I am still 70lbs overweight? Then you have the number on the scale !!! Reading over this I think at this point it looks like I am just whining ! Need to get over myself.

Each day is a challenge and sometimes I conquer it and some I wimper through. BUT I do get through it and live to see another day.



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Posting & Reading

Well I really do try to post daily but it just doesn't happen. Most days I am just too tired to have a coherent thought. Today I caught up on all my blogs - boy there are some amazing people out there! They are doing it!!! I want to be one of you! :-(

One day at a time is not only a mantra it truly does work, but you can get so discouraged when you know you are eating good, exercising and moving more and yet you see no change. Yes I see a change in how I approach food - not scared of it anymore - and I make waaaaay better choices (good choices as Sean would say!) but......

Worry is what I seem to be doing now - worry that I will go back to the junk, worry that my exercise routine is not enough ( cause at heart I am a wimp ), worry my health is going down, worry worry worry.

On the good side I did up my weights just a tiny bit this week, feel a pleasant (sorta) soreness in my muscles this week. No gains Thank you very much! My great neice and nephew are coming for a visit this weekend and I am so looking forward to seeing my little sunshines!

Later Bloggerland and for all of you out there that are doing so well and encouraging us - GOOD JOB! Michelle, Sean, Shane, Dr Fit, Tracy, etc you know who you are!!! Superstars!