Saturday, September 18, 2010


Very late nite last night so I slept way longer than I should have today. Now I just feel groggy. Food choices ok, not eating much and feel yucky. Rough way to lose weight but I think I will take it.

Reading some of the other blogs and everyone is out there working hard and it shows!! Good work people. Not sure if we all would have had the insight/will to do this work when we were in our twenties, but it sure woulda been easier!

It's a beautiful warm day outside and I think I will go partake of it! Have a good Saturday!



  1. HI Thin Lizzy,
    I am giving you a blog award. Stop by my blog after Tuesday to read more about it. It is about time you recieved an award!!! Your blogger friend, Michele

  2. hi there Lizz

    well, i have noticed 2 things in your post,,being worried that not eating wont get u results,,.and from what i read, you do need to eat, but dont be so hard on yourself, sometimes not eating alot for a day is ok.
    also, when you look to the grass on the other lawn you see it greener! so, maybe you feel like everyone is loosing weight faster than you are, maybe they seem more active.. but im sure your day will come soon, when your metabolic rate will kick off and those pounds will just stat shedding off..
    try some simple upper body strength routine,.. i think it will help.
    please stand strong and dont give up,.. we really shouldnt,.
    One day at a time.