Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Returning to the not so routine. Working out is quasi new to me and sure never thought I would actually enjoy it! However, with that said I can still be led astray on sticking to a set schedule. Rainy morning, sinus' acting up (not breathing easy is a real good EXCUSE)I'm still sleepy. Any of that sound familiar?

So this morning, head hurting and stuffy I allowed myself to stay home in the bed for an extra hour. Now the guilt has set in. This I will welcome as it will keep me from doing this again to myself. Tonight in the heat I will go walking at the park. Not as good a workout but I will be moving and not sitting on the couch.

My weigh in is Friday and I hoping to inch past this 221 number I cannot seem to move past. I have upped my calories, lowered my calories and moved more (with the exception of this morning) and it still has not budged. Although thank goodness it has not gone up.

Football season is here!!! YEAH! My Tennessee Vols won their first game! Now next week we get to see how they play with the big boys.


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  1. Football season is great!

    I have found it to be easier to stick with exercise as the pounds come off. I am only down 14.5 but it makes a difference in my stamina. Stick with it and don;t cave into the voice! Michele at