Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This weekend I was reading my daily inspirations (your blogs) and noticed that some have what day and week they are on for this journey. Now why did I not do that? It made me think about it (ok no jokes about smelling my brain burn!!). My conclusion - it scares me. If I put a number on what day I'm on will I ever get where I am goin? What if I get there and I am still 70lbs overweight? Then you have the number on the scale !!! Reading over this I think at this point it looks like I am just whining ! Need to get over myself.

Each day is a challenge and sometimes I conquer it and some I wimper through. BUT I do get through it and live to see another day.



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  1. Get over yourself, in a friendly way. You will be successful, and the tracking of the days will inspire you and remind you of what you are achieving. It really works, that I know for sure.