Friday, August 27, 2010


Noticed something this morning. I was getting complacent about my weight and this journey. I lost some weight, clothes are fitting and yet I am not going forward. So why am I still doing the same thing over and over? Eventually I am gonna get mad and upset and then the apple cart will be knocked over. Just another excuse to eat what I want.

Not gonna happen!!!!! Starting tomorrow I need to up my routine at the gym, and if that does not jump start me then I either need to cut back on the calories or up them. Any suggestions?

It's amazing how much my attitude of losing weight, changing my lifestyle (whatever you want to call it!) has been different this go round. I wonder if getting older actually helps you in that regard? Being a part of the crowd is just no longer as important to me now. I want to feel better, prolong my life, come off medicines and yes my vanity says fit into some pretty clothes.

Keep me in your thoughts (as I will all of you!) I'm gonna need help!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Defeat Me? I think not!!

Me and the elliptical machine at the gym have a love hate relationship. However, I am determined to not let it defeat me!!! My knees really hate that machine, so much so that I have only been able to stay on it for a minute and a half. That is the longest, but every time I am at the gym I plan on getting on it. One day my knees will not make me get off.

This same attitude is how I am approaching this weight loss deal, it will not defeat me. I may have down days I may have days I don't do really good on the calorie count. BUT I have already won because I look at things more closely now. Before I would eat if I liked it and wanted it. These days I weight my options and if I must have it I do, but in a smaller portion. This is such huge progress for me!

My sister has a saying and I always remember it when I am trying to make a decision about something. "It's a potato chip moment." Either you do or don't - nuff said.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's a good thing to have a routine and stick with it. However, if you are like me staying with it is not always easy, cause I get bored!!!

But if I had just stayed with it yesterday, my side mirror would still be on my car. First of all I gave into the need/want for one more hour of sleep that morning and then ALL I had on my mind was a diet Dr. Pepper drink, that's all I asked for!!! So here I am going down a road I do not normaly travel going to work from the GYM, and I look up to see a van in my lane. Don't ask me why I turned my wheel to the right and went down the ditch and back up. Thank the good Lord I did though. Otherwise I would have been hit head on. So it could have been worse and it wasn't. One little cut on my neck from flying glass and really shaken nerves.

So starting Monday I go back to my routine of gym in the morning before work. Talk about a kick in the pants.

Are there others of you out there that have those clothes in your closet that you just can't get rid of even though it's been a while since you wore them? I actually gave most of them to Goodwill six months ago, but I kept a few really nice suits as I was determined to get back into them. Almost there!! Tried them on today and I can wear them out if I wanted to, but to really look great in them I need another 5 to 10 off. I will do it by the end of the year for sure!! My next goal after that is to not be able to wear them because they are too big.

Weekends are harder for me than the week, beacuse once again I am out of the routine. Lunch is one hour out of the work day, can't have a full course meal and you don't seem to eat as much. Lunch on the weekends are endless and you have more choices. So far I have done good but I struggle with weekends.

Thanks for reading, later!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Doodleing & Commitment

HI everyone, sorry I have not been good at writing lately. It seems not only do I have trouble with the weight thing the writing ain't so good either! I think all through the week of all the topics I want to write about and then I finally sit down to do it and blank out!!! Or is it selective memory?

The GOOD NEWS is I have lost 2 more pounds. With gallbladder surgery coming up I really want more weight off, I do not like the thought of going under with all this on me. Any little bit will help I know. Also, with a recent visit to my doctor my numbers are down!!! So even with my cholesterol a wee bit high even my dr only asked me to go on Fish Oil, no meds!!! That really made my day.

I have been back in the gym for 2 1/2 weeks and feel comfortable again with it. I go three days a week for one hour. In the next few weeks I am going to try to work up to 5 days in the gym. Just think a little more commitment there will be a benefit to me. It seems like I doodle at times with this weight thing. You know work a little this week and think I have just done SO Much when really all I did was break a small sweat. My eyes are open and my walking shoes are on now!!!

Even my sister is going to start walking this week. We are going to a college football game in November and there will be a fair amount of walking involved and we need to be able to do it! Hopefully the weather will be cooler by then.

BTW- there is just so much encouragement and support here in the blogging world and it really does help to see and hear it. I learn so much just reading the ones out there!! Thank you all !


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ok just a quick note to say I am still and struggling to keep up the good habits. Been really busy lately or not feeling well so this post is short and I will get back to it later in the week.

Keep steady and straight!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Day is IT?

Guess I need work on the accountability of blogging. I simply have not been able to post, not sure what I want to say and yet have a lot to say about this journey. Guess I am not sure if anyone (least of all myself) wants to hear it.

Learning this counting calories seems almost too easy and I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall and get frustrated keeping up with the count. So far I have been able to and stay right on or a little over. Surprised myself there. One thing that seems to have been good for me is I pay attention to food labels and what I am putting on my plate. Before if it looked good smelled good it got eaten. Progress!

I don't know where I got the idea that this weight would fall off like tender meat on the bone (figures I would use a food analogy)within a few months -- it didn't get put on that way!! It was consistently eating whatever I wanted too. Taking the time to lose the weight is not a bad thing it lets me get into the habit of eating correctly. Again progress. Need to remember baby steps and it will become normal for me.