Friday, August 27, 2010


Noticed something this morning. I was getting complacent about my weight and this journey. I lost some weight, clothes are fitting and yet I am not going forward. So why am I still doing the same thing over and over? Eventually I am gonna get mad and upset and then the apple cart will be knocked over. Just another excuse to eat what I want.

Not gonna happen!!!!! Starting tomorrow I need to up my routine at the gym, and if that does not jump start me then I either need to cut back on the calories or up them. Any suggestions?

It's amazing how much my attitude of losing weight, changing my lifestyle (whatever you want to call it!) has been different this go round. I wonder if getting older actually helps you in that regard? Being a part of the crowd is just no longer as important to me now. I want to feel better, prolong my life, come off medicines and yes my vanity says fit into some pretty clothes.

Keep me in your thoughts (as I will all of you!) I'm gonna need help!


  1. Hi Thin Lizzy,
    The journey to better health is long and slow, at least for me. I have only lost 12 pounds in almost 9 weeks. My advice: keep your calories steady (I aim foe between 1200-1500 a day) and try to get in at least an hour of exercise. At "our" age, it just gets harder to shed that weight.

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    Stay strong, your friend in blog land, Michele of

  2. Dang skippy - you said it best.....another excuse to eat what I want.
    Good insight.
    When I first started, I fasted. To clear my mind "spiritually" and to get my mind off of food. I was appalled to discover that food was all I did, all I thought about, and was the center of my morbid life!
    That's changing now. But it's clear that this "diet" is not just about the food any more!