Monday, August 16, 2010

Doodleing & Commitment

HI everyone, sorry I have not been good at writing lately. It seems not only do I have trouble with the weight thing the writing ain't so good either! I think all through the week of all the topics I want to write about and then I finally sit down to do it and blank out!!! Or is it selective memory?

The GOOD NEWS is I have lost 2 more pounds. With gallbladder surgery coming up I really want more weight off, I do not like the thought of going under with all this on me. Any little bit will help I know. Also, with a recent visit to my doctor my numbers are down!!! So even with my cholesterol a wee bit high even my dr only asked me to go on Fish Oil, no meds!!! That really made my day.

I have been back in the gym for 2 1/2 weeks and feel comfortable again with it. I go three days a week for one hour. In the next few weeks I am going to try to work up to 5 days in the gym. Just think a little more commitment there will be a benefit to me. It seems like I doodle at times with this weight thing. You know work a little this week and think I have just done SO Much when really all I did was break a small sweat. My eyes are open and my walking shoes are on now!!!

Even my sister is going to start walking this week. We are going to a college football game in November and there will be a fair amount of walking involved and we need to be able to do it! Hopefully the weather will be cooler by then.

BTW- there is just so much encouragement and support here in the blogging world and it really does help to see and hear it. I learn so much just reading the ones out there!! Thank you all !


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