Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Defeat Me? I think not!!

Me and the elliptical machine at the gym have a love hate relationship. However, I am determined to not let it defeat me!!! My knees really hate that machine, so much so that I have only been able to stay on it for a minute and a half. That is the longest, but every time I am at the gym I plan on getting on it. One day my knees will not make me get off.

This same attitude is how I am approaching this weight loss deal, it will not defeat me. I may have down days I may have days I don't do really good on the calorie count. BUT I have already won because I look at things more closely now. Before I would eat if I liked it and wanted it. These days I weight my options and if I must have it I do, but in a smaller portion. This is such huge progress for me!

My sister has a saying and I always remember it when I am trying to make a decision about something. "It's a potato chip moment." Either you do or don't - nuff said.



  1. Yes, your post today affirms to all that you will not be deafeted. Keep that firm and determined attitude and you will. 1 minute on that machine will soon be another minute and another and another and another until you find yourself up to 5, no 10 minutes!!

  2. you have won! and before you know it, you will be dominating that machine. best wishes. Jill

  3. Love that, potato chip moment. I'll have to use that one.