Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Day is IT?

Guess I need work on the accountability of blogging. I simply have not been able to post, not sure what I want to say and yet have a lot to say about this journey. Guess I am not sure if anyone (least of all myself) wants to hear it.

Learning this counting calories seems almost too easy and I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall and get frustrated keeping up with the count. So far I have been able to and stay right on or a little over. Surprised myself there. One thing that seems to have been good for me is I pay attention to food labels and what I am putting on my plate. Before if it looked good smelled good it got eaten. Progress!

I don't know where I got the idea that this weight would fall off like tender meat on the bone (figures I would use a food analogy)within a few months -- it didn't get put on that way!! It was consistently eating whatever I wanted too. Taking the time to lose the weight is not a bad thing it lets me get into the habit of eating correctly. Again progress. Need to remember baby steps and it will become normal for me.


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