Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 2, July 28, 2010

Ok so maybe I can do this. Went into adding up my calories for the day thinking I blew it, but SURPRISE I actually came in under. Now does this mean I actually made good choices or got lucky ? It seems like it takes alot to keep up with these calorie counts, but there are a lot of tools out there for it. I feel like I may slip here just because I will get tired of "keepin" up with it.

OOPS forgot to list my weigh in from Monday morning, 223; which is a 2lb LOSS for the week.

Now for full disclosure that only makes this a good half day. I wasn't able to get into the gym today (bad schedule for the week) and probably not for this week, my idea to walk in the evenings to take it's place hasn't happened yet. The heat here is awful and it hurts to breathe sometimes. However, going to the gym is not a "chore" anymore and that surprises me no end! If anyone had told me a year ago I would look forward to my gym time I would have told them NO WAY. Pretty soon I am gonna have to stop doodling around and change up my routine as it is almost too easy. But I have surgery in October and will probably be out for a month then and it will be so hard to start over on the routine. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

The water challenge Kenz and Sean started has been great for me. I am up to 10 glasses a day and that is coming from a girl who put away some diet coke in a day. THANK YOU both for getting me on that right track.

Just started reading the weight loss blogs out there (yes Sean's article got me started too) and there are some amazing people out there doing so good on their journey I hope that I can do as well as them! Thank you all for being such inspirations and just someone there so that we/me are not out here alone trying to do this.

Good night All,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 1 - Oh Boy

Day 1 - Can I do this? Will I do this? I think I can I think I can. This will be my mantra for the days going forward.

Food has always been our comfort, entertainment, livelyhood and just dawg gone GOOD! Too much, too often for too long. I can say I am working on this for my health and my family but the truth is I AM DOING THIS FOR ME!!!! At my highest weight (264) I just didn't "see" that I had a problem and maybe I didn't (as far as accepting myself) but let's face it at that weight you have a problem, health issues, perceptions, and if you are single (such as myself) relationships definitely don't go where you want them to or with who.

This blog is hopefully going to help with the accountability - I really need you out there to read and keep me on the straight path! This first day was not without hills to climb. Did I climb them or go around them, well...................went over on my calorie limit but found myself looking at my choices much more than I have before. Several years ago I would never have said let me have that Jr Burger instead of the Biggest one you got. Now I actually think about the choice I have to make. Progress!!