Friday, September 10, 2010

What is It?

What is it about a nice fitting shirt or pair of jeans that just feels sooo nice? And why don't we remember that when stuffing our faces?

Today I got ready for work and it is casual friday and a football weekend. So of course I pull out my Tennessee Volunteers shirt and a good pair of jeans. Now the jeans I discovered a couple of weeks ago actually fit again. Today I put my shirt on and it's one I wore last year, but as I headed out the door I noticed how loose and comfortable that shirt was. Before when I would wear it it was tight around my chest and the sleeves were "fitting" not tight.

All day as I walked around, it brought a smile to my face to actually feel good in the outfit. A feeling that I had lost and hope to God that I can bring to the front when I am tempted to eat over my calories or not go to the gym at 5:30 in the morning, because I tell you people I am so totally tired of not feeling good. Not good about the way I feel, look and eat.

Not much else of consequence went on today, so now I will focus on my weekend and hopefully do a good job. Well I know I will cause I'll be wearing my jeans and that should make me put the food down - step away - whatever it takes!!!


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