Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 96 Counting - Should be Easy Right?

I am a reasonably intelligent woman, so why is counting calories such a trial and tribulation for me? Is it because I feel pretty sure that I will fail at staying within range? Really shouldn't because every time I think that I have I haven't!
Something to work on in my own mind I guess - I am writing it ALL down each day so I have a plan of action and I know honesty in what I eat versus write has to be there.

My weekend was nice hope all of yours was - spent Saturday watching my poor poor vols lose again, glad I know this is a rebuilding year (again) after 3 coaches in 3 years. Those boys heads have to be spinning with all those different styles of play. Love Coach D Dooley though. He has a wonderful sense of humor.

Since my surgery my work outs have not been done, so this week I start back. 20 minutes each day is all I will ask of myself for the first week. Hopefully the Dr will let me back in the gym starting 12/1, then I can ramp it back up to the hour long with weights thrown in.

Watching all the challenges going on out there and most of you are rocking it!! Keep up the good work. I think Allan has become a great cheerleader to us all and most of all he keeps it honest!!!

Have a good one!!


  1. Just take it slow and easy in terms of your recovery from your surgery. Don;t step into the gym too soon or you will regret it. I agree, counting calories is tedious, but it works! Stay strong, Michele

  2. Wondering where you've been with your posts? Hope you're ok. Let us know.