Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 68 - Still Here

Day 68 and I haven't died, fell over or been harmed in any way! Just goes to show if you work hard it will work out. I have for the last 68 days watched carefully what I put in my mouth and if I ate something I shouldn't; Took note, but did not beat myself up. This approach has been much better for me mentally, I don't get discouraged and just quit.

Now that does not mean that I have given myself permission to go off plan anytime I feel like it or when temptation is staring me in the face. As a fellow blogger has noted so many times you must put the fork down and not partake. I think of myself like a drug addict - so the campaign slogan comes to mind Just say NO!

Took a call today for my pre-cert on the surgery. Talk about scaring the daylights out of you. The questions really make you think about your mortality. And it brings to the forefront why I need to lose more weight, it's not a game not a thing to be done when I get around to it! One question asked was did I have sleep apnea. Was a really good feeling to say I did 10 years ago but lost the weight needed to come off the C-Pap machine!!! It was a motivator let me tell you - the machine drove me nuts, every night in my sleep I would take it off, turn the machine off and hang the mask neatly on my bed post! All while asleep. The day I realized I had lost enough not to need the machine was indeed a happy day for me!! Not going back to that!!!

My time out of the gym has begun, since they won't pro-rate the membership fee for you to be out, yet will waive it for a month with Dr note. I had to do this. But it does not mean I will stop moving, doing the walk tonight and every night until surgery and as soon after as I am allowed.

Did anyone watch my Vols lose Saturday? It was such a heartbreaking loss for those poor boys that played so hard!!! I will admit our team did the penalty but why oh why!!!!!

Later, TL

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  1. Hi Thin Lizzy,
    It is great to know that you have done so well over the past 68 days. That is a wonderful feeling. I especially like the fact that if you ate something off of your plan that you did not beat yourself up about it. To me it sounds like you can move to better health on your own. Do you ever ask yourself that? Just wondering.